Not happy with my hair :(

I’m not sure what’s going on with my hair lately but I’m not happy with it. Personally, I think it’s been due to breakage through lazy habits leading to bad but slow breakage and not maintaining good routines.

I’m usually really good at ensuring that my hair habits are healthy, rather than the quick fixes I’ve been doing lately. This includes, maintaining a healthy diet, I’ve noticed a massive change since I deleted the gym from my diary!

I recently went for a trim at my usual natural hair salon but my stylist has recently changed. I was nervous about this because my old stylist was so on point with everything hair related, she knew my hair very quickly, which was so impressive and she always left my hair looking and feeling better.

These are a few photo’s after she had dealt with my hair. Us Caribbean’s have a saying which means that a person is good at hair and you’ll often hear us say ‘I only like one hand in my head’. That is me 100%, I only like one person putting their hand in my head and that’s my stylist so when it changes its a BIG DEAL. I LOVE how my hair looks in the third photo, it was a fresh trim and I was so impressed with how she clipped them nasty ends off.

I don’t know but this trim just failed all my expectations from my salon and now I want to find another one. Usually my hair looks amazing once I’ve taken down my protective style, obviously minus the dry scalp, however this time I was in utter shock (especially at that last photo, look at those ends)! So, now I’m on a mission to correct this mess because part of it is poor handling methods, poor nutrition and stress. So I need to get my insides together whilst looking for a new hair dressers.

God bless Guys 🙂



My As I Am Wash ‘n’ Go Failed

So here’s another update of yet another wash n go that I recently done using the ‘As I Am’ hair care range. This experience wasn’t so great because I needed to get my hair hydrated because it was so dry, I didn’t really know what to do with it. I was rocking an old twist out using the As I Am range again but I had left my hair to get knotty which isn’t the best thing to do when you have my type of hair.

If you’ve been following my blog I done another post on WashnGo’s back in August 2014 >read that by clicking here< where I explained that I wanted WashnGo’s to work for me, I also mentioned they are not ideal for me working in healthcare. I’ve now decided that I am not a huge fan of them with my type of hair because it just continues to expand and shrinks, it looses it’s length (which I hate) and I just end up looking like a cute mushroom, if there is such thing!

This time I didn’t go crazy with how many steps I took so here is a simple break down of what I done:

Step 1: I pre shampoo’d my hair using Virgin Organic Coconut Oil with a little of Darcy’s Leave-in conditioner, sectioning my hair as I went along. I helped my hair along by using a spray bottle with old conditioner, aloe vera juice and olive oil, spritzing until my hair was manageable and was able to be combed.

Step 2: I washed my hair using my usual shampoo (Shea Moisture Curl and Shine Shampoo), I then followed this with the As I Am Cowash and rinsed.

Step 3: Here I cut out the apple cider vinegar rinse because I was lazy, so instead I applied the Darcy’s leave-in conditioner again and followed this with the As I Am Curling Jelly with a little bit of oil.

I continued to use the shingling method, which is defined by many people quite differently. To me, it means running my fingers through my as if I’m detangling it but instead my goal is to distribute the jelly throughout the whole of my strands. You can see that result in the first image above, I also had to continue to saturate my hair with an Aloe Vera and water mix to help my hair hold onto the jelly. I was pretty impressed with the jelly at this time because it seems to work pretty well with my hair although it took ALOT of shingling to get it to actually curl my hair, however I was patient and continued.

I have all different textures on my head so you can see for yourself how the curling jelly worked with all my different textures. I FEEL like I’m rambling, so to cut it short, I’m not so much of a fan of this curling jelly and I’ll show you a picure below to explain WHY!

It’s so dry! Although the curls were cute close up and the volume of my hair was immense, I just didn’t fancy it. So a puff it was!!!

Ultimate Fail which you can tell by my facial expression!

Have you used this product? How did it go for you?

Lots of Love


Did As I Am DoubleButter work for you?

Hey curlies!

Just a quick update to let you know what I have tried over the last week. AS I AM…. A range i’m sure you’ve all heard about. It’s not bad, I have heard some really awful reviews about their range, mainly that they are not as natural as they claim to be but mostly I have heard good things about them.

There DoubleButter has had alot of good feedback lately, so I thought I’d try them out whilst I am too busy to get something more natural together myself. So I tried them, I won’t do a review or anything JUST yet because I want to give it a chance but so far I can’t complain.

Here’s a few pictures of my twists AND twist out. I left my twists in for four days prior to taking them down because I was too busy to attend to my hair!!!

…and here the twist-out is on its 7th day after the twists. It didn’t do too badly considering it was soooo windy in London this week.

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Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Shampoo

764302290209 (2)Sorry for the awful photo guys, I’ve ran out of the shampoo and couldn’t use my own photo! Just a quick update though, very quick!

This shampoo has been my staple for many months now. No shampoo is going to give you fabulous results, nor is it going to correct everything thats ‘wrong’ with your hair but what’s important is that you have a shampoo that is good for your hair.

I’ll be doing a few product reviews over the next few months, slowly but surely, so keep an eye out for them. In the meantime here are a few shots I found in my ‘upload to blog file’, taken back in July 🙂

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My Wash ‘n’ Go

I wanted to share with you guys how I achieved my WashnGo, I really enjoyed the experience because I actually took Time with my hair. Usually I am in a position which isn’t really ideal and I tend to skip parts of my regime, which seems to be changing weekly to accommodate my ‘to do list’.When I first big chopped after about 2 weeks of rocking my natural texture (meaning I had no curl enhancing products in my hair) I decided to make WashnGo’s work for me. Back then in 2011 I didn’t really do much research into natural gels, so I just took a 5 minute walk to my local hair shop and purchased a curl activating gel. I didn’t expect it to actually work, so after that I stuck to it. I didn’t have much of a routine to be honest, I just washed my hair in the shower and slapped some conditioner and  gel on my hair (life was great).

Well, now I am determined to get WashnGo’s working for me again. To be frank, they are not ideal at the moment but as I am on a little holiday, why not. I mean who really wants dripping wet hair first thing in the morning. I work  in the healthcare field so it is not allowed, let alone possible to have your hair dripping wet when you start your shift 😦

So here goes….

Step 1: I pre-poo’d my hair using Virgin Organic Coconut Oil – My hair was already sectioned because I had been wearing my hair in about 10 braids, so I just took these down, sprayed the section with water and applied the coconut oil to my ends first then the entire section. This process took me about 1 hour << yes, I know.

Step 2: I then washed my hair using shea moisture curl & shine shampoo, sectioning my hair in two, which is usually how I wash my hair.

Step 3: I diluted apple cider vinegar (ACV) into cold water, 1/4 cup into around 700mls of water. < There is no reason why I used cold water because I use warm water again to rinse the ACV out of my hair again. I never rinse my hair in cold water to close my pores anyway but if this a technique of yours and it works then just continue.

Step 4: Rinse the ACV out of your hair. Some people skip this part but I just can’t stand the smell of ACV in my hair, even when its diluted.

Step 5: With my hair still in two sections I further sectioned my hair as I went along. I firstly tested to ensure that my products wouldn’t leave my hair white with residue but mixing a tiny bit in my palms. I then continued to layer my products in my hair, using Darcy Botanicals Juicy peach leave in conditioner, followed my Shea moisture African Black Soap Balancing Conditioner and finally Flaxseed gel.

I continued to layer in these products into my sectioned hair, fluffed and then left it to drip dry. My hair dries pretty quickly so I didn’t need to deal with the dripping for too long but it’s still quite annoying.

We all know that wash and Go’s don’t really mean wash and go… but Let me know how you maintain yours.

Lots of Love


Do You Feel Healthy?

What have you all been up to this summer?

I am hoping that you have all had a good time in what little sunshine we received this summer. I mean, It’s the middle of August and it’s raining. Don’t get me wrong I love the weather that God provides us but when you live in a country that is cold most of the time, you can’t wait for summer, then when it comes, its disappointing. Anywho, I’m not here today to talk about the weather.

I want to share with you I am coping with what is called the green smoothie challenge. I’m sure you have all heard about something along the same line, there are so many challenges out their its quite hard to keep up with them all. Well this challenge was created by and I am loving it, I feel so much better in myself. I’ve reduced all my cravings because it has encouraged me actually maintain a healthier lifestyle, I’ve never eaten so much spinach in my life and I love it!

Checkout the image of Spinach within the slideshow, along with some other special green pictures and don’t forget to check out the website and see if you can manage the green smoothie challenge. Follow me on Instagram for my regular updates of my smoothies or on my facebook page, it motivates me to continue knowing that I might just inspire one of you to get blending. Here is a mini gallery of a couple of my smoothies… Enjoy 🙂

Much Love


Scalp Problems!


Do you remember my post with this style? >> Read it here <<

Dry scalp problems

Well, continuing on from that experience. I am still fighting my scalp, I currently have another protective style in but after 3 days I’m starting to feel the itch. Onwards and upwards…

Anyway, here are the photo’s of how bad my scalp was. I think they look awful but you might not be as sensitive as me.

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I’d love to know how you fight the itch, because for me I struggle. Leave me some suggestions in the comments below 🙂

Much Love TT